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Screen_Shot_2017-05-29_at_11.17.52_AM.pngPark 101 DISTRICT Freeway Cap Feasibility Study. This study is a project of the City of Los Angeles with funding provided by the Southern California Association of Governments’ (SCAG) Compass Blueprint Demonstration Project Program. Compass Blueprint assists Southern California cities and other organizations in evaluating planning options and stimulating development consistent with the region’s goals. Click here to download the report.






Screen_Shot_2017-05-29_at_11.21.35_AM.pngPark 101 Traffic Study. This report summarizes the results of the fatal flaw traffic analysis of the Park 101 District and determine which circulation alternatives are appropriate to continue to include in the Park 101 District Plan vision. Click here to download the report.







Screen_Shot_2017-05-29_at_11.24.26_AM.pngGovernance White Paper. The purpose of this paper is to present a comprehensive analysis of the governance options for the PARK 101 District project in order to allow agencies to effectively coordinate efforts for the development of the District. The discussion herein looks at who might be involved, the variety of governance options available, how other large parks and cap parks have developed, and related local projects. Click here to download the report.