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Director of #Advocacy and Brands at @NationBuilder. I like to ride my bicycle.

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As a Downtown LA resident, and a father, I want my neighbors and especially my daughter to have more options to play and be with others outside.

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Friends of Park 101 make a monthly sustaining gift that help our all-volunteer organization power this vision to reality. As a Friend of Park 101, you will be part of our grassroots support base, which will continue to be critical to the project's realization. To instead give a one-time gift, click here.


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PARK 101, and the proposed new district surrounding it, is a celebration of a new generation of urban parks that is giving back to the City of Los Angeles in important and subtle ways.

The PARK 101 District is poised to become the next great place in Los Angeles and indeed southern California. PARK 101 is seen as both the catalyst for urban renewal in this neighborhood as well as the logical outcome and extension of transit investments. It forges a new roadmap toward urban sustainability and economic prosperity for Los Angeles. It is as significant an idea today as Bunker Hill or the Los Angeles Aqueduct were to a prior generation of leaders. PARK 101 would capitalize on the recent and future investments in public transit infrastructure in Los Angeles (and across the state) and is located at the heart of where these projects are set to converge.

This is a project of the City of Los Angeles with funding provided by the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) Compass Blueprint Demonstration Project Program. Compass Blueprint assists Southern California cities and other organizations in evaluating planning options and stimulating development consistent with the region's goals.

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Friends of Park 101 make a monthly sustaining gift that will help our organization evolve from an all-volunteer effort to a more active group with dedicated staff. We plan to build a grassroots support base, and leverage our widespread support from small donors to secure larger gifts from foundations and generous sponsors.