The Friends

The Friends of PARK 101 District, a non-profit organization comprised of local business and community leaders, was formed to promote the creation of the PARK 101 Cap Park. The organization helps secure funding for the overall PARK 101 District, more immediately, additional funding to complete Phase 1; facilitate outreach to stakeholders and organizations in order to secure additional and continued support for PARK 101; and lobby for agency support in regard to technical advancement.

Don Scott Mark A Rothenberg
Emily Gabel-Luddy Peter J Gutierrez
Eiizabeth Peterson-Gower Roger Rudick
Eugene Moy Russell Brown
Father Richard Estrada Shiraz Tangri
Gail Goldberg Vaughan Davies
Lyndi Vaughan Stephen Nieto
Carmen Rodriguez Erin Dugan Meluso
Ryan Vaillancourt Kevin Napoli